About the Founder

“So much for life’s plans. With a background in textiles and fashion design, I took a circuitous route to the food industry and became fascinated with the ‘what-ifs’ of food plus fashion. In the process of blurring boundaries and exploring new ideas, I found myself creating “clothes” for cakes, and a few years later I patented SugarVeil. I have never stopped being completely and totally mesmerized by what it does.

SugarVeil is a dry mix. After you add boiling water and beat it a few minutes, you enter a place where cake and dessert decorations have never gone before: Incredibly delicate lace, for example, or monograms that look sculpted. Or a cascade of dots you can make in a flash, all rounded to perfection. Even an amazingly paper-thin ‘fabric’ you can gather into waves.

Please enjoy perusing our gallery. Take a look at the tools we’ve designed to make the process even production-friendly. Then see everything in action atyoutube.com/sugarveil.

Join us for interesting conversation with photos of how SugarVeil® is used around the globe with our Facebook community. Thank you so much for your visit here.”  – Michele

We are the makers of innovative SugarVeil Confectionery Icing, which enables you to create the most amazing cake decorations!

• Delicious flavor – not too sweet
• No artificial additives/preservatives or corn syrup
• Easy to use for both home and professional chefs
• Extraordinary results with SugarVeil tools

Professional cake decorators LOVE Sugar Veil. Just look at this lovely cake created by the very talented Edna De la Cruz of Design Me A Cake.