Miss July

Elizabeth Marek

Hello Miss July! Elizabeth is an outgoing cake designer from Portland, Oregon. She has a passion for baking as well as cooking and plans to open a bakery featuring sweet and savory treats. Liz loves competitions and is a serious competitor, always looking for the edge.  Her favorite type of cakes to create are elaborately sculpted cakes with lots of details. Liz is most well known for her figure work, especially people.

Liz’s work has appeared in Cake Central Magazine, Crave Hong Kong and Brass Magazine.

A classically trained artist, she grew up drawing and sculpting and emulating her favorite artists, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. Liz received her degree in graphic design in 2007 before discovering her love for caking in 2009. She uses her knowledge of art and design principles such as color theory, scale and balance in all her cakes.

You can check out Liz’s work on her website. www.artisancakecompany.com

Check out Liz’s other love, her savory cupcake cart www.savorcakes.com

Find Liz on facebook.