About the Founder

Artisan Cake Company was founded by Elizabeth Marek in 2008. Elizabeth grew up drawing, painting, sculpting and dabbling in pretty much every kind of creative niche before deciding to go to college for Graphic Design. When she graduated, she worked as creative director for an advertising agency for 2 years before becoming burnt out and craving the need for something more creative. She began baking cakes after watching an episode of Food Networks, “Ace of Cakes”. She was inspired by the fun and creative work environment and how the clients always seemed to be so excited about getting a cake. Not always the case with graphic design clients.

pirate ship cake










After much practicing on friends and family, Elizabeth got her kitchen licensed and set out on her own cake adventure. She says “the best part of making a cake for someone, is they are always excited. No one ever sees cake and gets bummed out. Cake always means fun and celebration.” Elizabeth has pushed herself to create gravity defying and truly unique cakes and has a hard time saying no to any order, especially if they start the conversation with “This may seem like an odd request but…”

convertible allard cakearmadillo cake










Elizabeth loves to make figures and pour over every sugary detail. Her attention to detail is what sets her apart as well as her background in fine art. She loves competing and her dream is to have her own bakery in the heart of Portland in the future. Her work has been featured in Cake Central Magazine, various online blogs and newsprint articles. Most recently she has been focusing on figures that she mails to clients all over the world and constructing her savory cupcake food cart, “Savor Cakes“,  to be opened in June 2012.